Who are We?

A rainbow has always been a symbol of hope, happiness and beauty. Let’s bring these feelings back by celebrating the rainbow for what it is; not what the Left and the crazies have done to change its meaning. One can still find their “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow by returning this symbol back to what it was meant to be. Let’s stop letting the Leftists twist happy symbols into objects of their warped thoughts and actions.
Our “Straight Rainbow” brand was created to allow us to wear rainbows in our clothing, hats, bumper stickers for our car and many other uses without fear of being classified as a symbol of “perverted pride.” Yes, we are Proud to wear a “Straight Rainbow” as it allows us to enter a world of speculation and imagination and symbolizes a return to normality for all of us Patriots.
Come help us spread the word, make AMERICA America again, and take it back from the Leftists. We will not be silenced. We will not stop until America is GREAT again!